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Witherspoon Heating & Cooling provides a wide range of HVAC services for properties in the Rockingham, Lauringburg, Southern Pines region. If you don't see what you are looking for here, contact us. We will be happy to answer any of your service questions.

Lauringburg UV Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet air treatment systems kill mold that would grow in the cool, damp interiors of your air conditioning system. This is the same technology that's long been used by water treatment facilities, adapted for safe, efficient home air purifiers.

Lauringburg Air Handlers

A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an outdoor unit, such as an air conditioner or heat pump, and an indoor unit. The air handler is the indoor unit that circulates cool air through your home in the summer and warm air in the winter. The indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. Air handlers supply conditioned air evenly throughout your home, when used in place of a furnace, with either an air conditioning or heat pump system.

Lauringburg Dehumidifiers

Dehumidification can be very important if you live in areas of high humidity. High humidity in cooler temperatures gives you a wet clammy feeling and in warmer temperatures causes a wet sticky feeling and causes perspiration to stay on your body and soak in to you clothes rather than evaporate. High humidity can also cause mold & mildew through out the house and even ruin very expensive clothes, fabrics, paintings & wall coverings. All air-conditioning units take out some humidity when they are running but in very humid areas this is not enough and you need a dehumidifying system. This can take out up to 15 times more water from the air than a standard system with very little operating cost penalty.

Lauringburg Trane CleanEffects

Trane CleanEffects is the most effective whole-house air filtration system available. Trane CleanEffects not only outperforms even the best HEAP filters, it is designed to work with a Trane heating and cooling system to deliver what we call Trane Air throughout your home ---air that is heated or cooled, thoroughly conditioned, and meticulously cleaned of up to an unprecedented 99.98% of airborne allergens that pass through the filter. With Trane CleanEffects as a part of your total comfort system, you and your family can breathe easier than ever before: • Removes up to 99.98% of allergens from your filtered air. • Traps particles as small as .1 microns in size including the common flu. • Up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1" filter • Delivers cleaner air, and more of it • Performance has been verified by leading experts at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Lauringburg Evaporator Coils

A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an outdoor unit, such as an air conditioner or heat pump, and an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler. The evaporator coil is a series of piping connected to a furnace or air handler that blows indoor air across it, causing the coil to absorb heat from the air. The cooled air is then delivered to the house through ducting. The refrigerant then flows back to the compressor where the cycle starts over again.

Lauringburg Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilator for warm climates or the Heat Recovery Ventilator for cooler regions, these air exchangers quietly bring in fresh, clean air from the outside and remove stale inside air, along with dust and other particle buildup.

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